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Whereas most of my artwork is influenced by my personal heritage, family and journey emphasizing the past and present, my work is not limited to this and is also diverse inspired by subject matter.    Some pieces created reflect my life affirming the importance of embracing our personal history while living in the present, as we continuously define our future.    Other pieces bring awareness to certain issues that have impacted my life affecting humanity today and our everyday existence, in which most of us can relate.  With most of my work, I embed symbolism of my heritage connecting our past and with our present.   I have always believed there is beauty in all and everything, even when life can be harsh.  I strive to find this balance in my work and convey it to the viewer.

My influence and interests are determined by the subject matter, which inspires the material and process utilized to create the piece.  My work is not limited to one medium or style.   I use a variety of material, medium and technique to create my pieces from paper, to canvas, wood and metal sculptures.  Although the medium and style may vary, the pieces are linked by recurring themes and meaning.  As the idea is researched and developed, the possibilities become endless as I learn more of the past while merging it with the present and future.   It is this pivotal moment when I am reminded of our evolving world and the artist’s capability of freezing time and making a statement.   If one of my pieces engages and impacts a viewer to reflect on this, then my art work is a success.

Diane Resende

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